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Traders use stock options because it gives a huge return in exchange for little investment and is an excellent way of minimizing trading risk. However, this cannot be achieved by our own or without having an option-trade advisory platform.There are so many software and web-based tools where they claimed they can give you alerts on market these days and hard to know which one is the right one unless you put energy, spend money, and time. In the end, you will end up losing so much money instead of earning.So, I have got a chance to go through and test the Options Pop alerts whether the tool is useful or not. Let’s take a look at what Options Pop is.


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What is Options Pop?

Option Pop is a web-based platform that is intended to support your effectiveness in options trading. It is designed to provide you with buy alerts and boost your profits in 2 to 9 days every week. The system is also designed to provide you trading guidance and training that may be necessary for you. This implies that it is useful for both beginners and pros who are interested in options trading. It is recommended for new users to go through the reading guidance and take the training before applying any trading.As mentioned above, Option Pop uses technical analysis to find the best stock with a high probability of moving up or down in 2 to 9 days and provides you alerts by email and text every Wednesday. If you are new to options trading, this does not mean it is a trading platform, but you get alerts about what stock to trade in the next 2 to 9 days. So, you need to have a trading platform from stock brokerage firms such as E-trade, Charles Schwab, Robinhood, or other more very known brokerage companies. In order to be part of this program, your brokerage firm should let you enter conditional orders, limit orders and stop orders.

How Options Pop works

Once you Subscribe to the program, you will receive an email and text messages. The messages include three best stock symbols with their strike prices, the types of options, and the prices of the options. When I Subscribe the first time, I had the chance to view the previous options’ alerts. I was able to verify each stock using Yahoo’s finance. It was easy to verify what had happened to each stock at the time of the alert using Yahoo finance-graph, validate the moving of the stock direction within the next 2 to 9 days, and then estimate the buy options for each stock alert. What I learned from this was the chance of winning was higher than the losses. This could not be true all the time. Not every trade works out like this. Some make little or nothing at all. Sometimes, you could lose but the gains are so large, you still end up making a profit.

Pros of Option Pop

  • You have a choice to try Option Pop for 30 days by Subscribing and testing the system for 30 days without risking a penny.
  • You will have access to the member area and take the training while you receive emails and text alerts every week.
  • Once you verify and unhappy with the program, you can cancel the subscription and get a refund.
  • In addition to the alerts, you will get Option Pop trader training where it covers most option trading lessons.
  • You get email support.

Cons of Option Pop

Option Pop is great for people that are comfortable with taking risks and have an interest in option trading. Options trading involves risk and is not suitable for all investors even if you receive what stock to trade. For this reason, Option Pop has disadvantages on the following:

  • You are responsible for choosing when to sell or close the option even if you gain or lose.
  • The program supports only trading in 2 to 9 days. It does not support long-term trading.
  • There is no live chat and phone support


The most interesting part of this platform is a 30 days 100% money-back guaranty without risking a penny. You will have a chance to learn and confirm whether the program is legit or not. At the same time, you will have time to test yourself if you could make money based on the generated alerts using paper trading. You can learn more about how the program works by clicking HERE.Note that this program isn’t contract-based thus you can drop your membership whenever it might suit you.Subscribe for 30 Days for 100% Money Back Guaranty.

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